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Our proficient team of editors will deliver a rigorous review and comprehensive delivery of your dissertation writing services uk. By means of precise proofreading and intuitive editing, we seek to add real, measurable value to the quality of your entire dissertation.

Grammar, punctuation, Lexis and terminology

Needless to say, we will cleanse for any errors relating to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. To name a few, we focus on common errors such as ‘dangling participles’, split infinitives, invalid coordinating conjunctions, misused articles, run-on sentences, comma splices, verb-subject agreement issues, etc.


Our team of editors will include changes to the lexis/vocabulary whereby the academic tone and style of a document is optimised – enabling the technical content to be presented in your dissertation fluidly.

Logic and clarity

A dissertation writing services that involves an extensive level of jargon and technical content alone, is not worthy of a First Class. Lucidity and clarity are imperative aspects of consideration where our team add value.


Prior to sending you the draft dissertation for feedback to be shared, we conduct through analysis to validate the content is clear and the dissertation flows in a coherent manner – enabling the appropriate audience to understand the document. Hence, very little of your time will be wasted in providing basic feedback regarding sentence structure or grammar.


Our team of dissertation writing services writers also give credit to precise use of words – saying more with less is a commendable nuance of successful academic writing. We will analyse the chapters and make corrections required to avoid unnecessary repetition, wordiness, or redundant terms to assist with the word count.

Special requests

We are happy to accommodate any special requests or requirements that you may have for the editor. For example, if you have specific style/editorial guidelines that you want us to work to (e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.), simply state this on the order form and we the team at WriteMyDisso will follow your instructions.

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